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The Bricks I Ziegel 2020 yearbook contains many impressive examples of architects skilfully... more
Product information "ARGE-Kommentar"


- Konzentration auf die ARGE-Praxis, Verzicht auf allgemeine theoretische Ausführungen
- Praxisorientierte sowohl juristische als auch baubetriebswirtschaftliche Erläuterungen der Muster-Verträge 2005
- Anhang mit wichtigen und in der ARGE-Praxis bewährten Arbeitshilfen, Formularmustern, Merkblättern und Beispielen

 - Auch die Beihilfegemeinschaft wird erläutert


Die Autoren:

Hans-Peter Burchardt Rechtsanwalt, München-Ismaning

Wolfgang Pfülb Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Kfm., Scheidegg

Erich Greiner Dipl. Betriebswirt, München

Dr. Manfred Hickl Rechtsanwalt, Dietzenbach

Jürgen Krol Kaufmännischer Leiter, Essen

Ulrich Mielicki Dipl.-Kfm, Betriebswirtschaftliches Institut

der Bauindustrie (BWI-Bau), Düsseldorf

Rolf-Bernd Rehm Betriebswirt, Versicherungsfachwirt,


Siegfried Renauer Steuerberater, München

Christian Renauer Dipl.-Kfm., Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater,


Tilman Class Rechtsanwalt, Maître en Droit,


The Bricks I Ziegel 2020 yearbook contains many impressive examples of architects skilfully combining existing and new buildings. Bricks always play a role, whether as a load-bearing building material or as a facing brick.

The focus is always on people: buildings for children and young people are presented, from kindergartens and schools to further education centres. Backing bricks ensure a pleasant indoor climate, facing bricks provide weather protection and visual appeal, pavers provide orientation and design squares.

Saving fossil fuels is one of the most important issues of our time. There is still a lot to be done in the roof area. Well-insulated roofs save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, the roof tile crowns a renovation project and not only protects the entire house, but also gives it a distinctive look. Bricks I Ziegel 2020 also looks at the topic of saving energy in another article. A comparison of different efficient buildings reveals astonishing things.

Not only the efficient use of energy, but also the careful use of raw materials is part of sustainable development, to which the brick and tile industry is committed. The construction industry is called upon to constantly develop further in terms of environmental friendliness. The Danish construction specialist Komproment aims to ensure that both its construction projects and the materials it uses are sustainable and reusable. Find out more about this special project.

Demographic change is also beginning to have an impact on the construction industry, and skilled labour is becoming scarce. Digital technologies could offer a solution to the shortage of skilled labour. Prof Dr Eric Brehm will answer questions on the use of robotics in masonry construction.

Last but not least, innovative developments and concepts from the brick and tile industry will be presented.


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